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Debut-Album "Lineaments" 2010

01. Intro
02. Diving for Something
03. Loco
04. Lesson to Learn
05. St. Anton
06. Shizoey
07. Black Stones
08. Dead Baby
09. In my Dreams
10. Flow
11. Oriental Dream
12. Empty Eyes
13. Outro

Label: World In Sound (LC 12460)
Catalog-Nr:  WIS-2605
Distribution: Clear Spot (Europe),
Forced Exposure (US) 

This is the debut album of the trio, located in Vorarlberg, Austria - through their 12 songs
they present a "timeless" and atmospheric crossover heavyrock album, with various of
other influences, like Grunge, 90s Hardcore but also 70 US-Westcoast feeling. Their
brilliant guitarwork, featuring partly classical vibes and flamenco style, is combined with
haunted, wild scream attacks and unconventional slanting melodies - all served with a
unique self composed sound, and great artwork. Without being pushed into a genre,
Shizoey creates its own one-of-a-kind BLOOD ROCK FOR YOUR SOUL / SHIZO-ROCK
and also takes you on a psychedelic journey with songs like "Oriental Dream". On stage
they are ready for the ultimate Rock´n´Roll party combined with a lot fun to set the
audience on fire with their passionate energy ... taking them back to the good old 70's
wah-wah blues-rock vains but also into today!

mp3 Oriental Dream

Klick here listn to SHIZOEY

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